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B&H Housing Coalition launch

 This conference is free but numbers are limited so tickets must be booked at Eventbrite  Agenda 0900: Registration and coffee 0945: Welcome and introductory comments 1000: Question and Answer Session (Each MP will give an introduction) Lloyd Russell – Moyle … Continue reading

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Guardianship schemes and the Synergy Centre

  The Guardianship Scheme Since the early 2000s Property Guardian Companies have marketed themselves as anti-squatting services. They offer landlords ‘security’ for their empty properties in exchange for a fee, and they then rent the properties to ‘guardians’ who are … Continue reading

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Brighton Benefits Campaign meetings

Day of Action Against Sanctions 2017 Following a productive organising meeting last night, Brighton Benefits Campaign will be holding regular meetings again to plan actions including the relaunch of the Enough is Enough campaign against all benefit cuts. The next … Continue reading

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One Day Without Us – stand with migrants!

Since the June referendum, both EU nationals and non-European migrants living in the UK have come under enormous pressure. Inflamed by anti-migrant hostility from the media and politicians, racism and prejudice are being openly expressed, accompanied by a steep rise … Continue reading

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Public meeting: Migration Ethnicity & the aftermath of the referendum

We live in a society created by migration, a land populated by people from many places who arrived over millennia, individuals and communities who came to find a new life, to work or to trade, to flee war and oppression, … Continue reading

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