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One Day Without Us – stand with migrants!

February 19, 2017


Since the June referendum, both EU nationals and non-European migrants living in the UK have come under enormous pressure. Inflamed by anti-migrant hostility from the media and politicians, racism and prejudice are being openly expressed, accompanied by a steep rise in hate crimes – including murder.  Benefit claimants – the unemployed, disabled people, lone parents and the low paid – have now been joined by migrants as scapegoats blamed for all our ills, rather than the corporate greed, grasping landlords, feckless bankers, media tycoons, tax dodgers and all those profiteers who are driving the gulf between rich and poor ever wider and destroying our society.

Our government of millionaires and landlords now plan to use Brexit to launch a further assault on the rest of us. Human rights and environmental protections can be cast aside, as once again profit is put before people. Three million EU citizens who have made their homes in the UK face losing their rights. One million are threatened with deportation.

We cannot just stand by and allow this to happen. On the UN World Day of Justice we are inviting migrants from across the world to take part in a nationwide Day of Action to show how important migration is for our society and to defend the principle of free  movement.  This is also a great opportunity to convince more MPs to join the opposition to a headlong rush into Brexit disaster.

We invite British-born citizens to stand alongside the men, women and children who are our doctors, nurses, carers, students, teachers, farm workers, scientists, shopkeepers, restaurant staff, taxi drivers, writers, workmates, classmates, friends, neighbours, family and partners. Whatever your nationality and place of origin join us and make February 20th a day of protest, solidarity and celebration.

For 24 hours, take time out from your normal activities. Close your business, leave your classes, march or have a party, hold a meeting or a rally. Take the day off work if you can. Wear badges and armbands, put up posters or give out leaflets, make placards. Hold mini demos at lunch or tea-time, have a five-minute silence, stand outside your place of work for ten minutes or an hour or more. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Let people know who you are and what you do.

Britain was created by migration. Whether you are an immigrant or not, whether your family arrived 4, 40, 400 or 4000 years ago, join us in celebrating and defending our multi-cultural society, our  migrant colleagues, neighbours, friends and fellow citizens, and the  human right to free movement.


Fighting austerity – taking on the real scroungers!

June 17, 2015

Brighton Benefits Campaign formed in 2010 as a response to the Labour government’s ‘welfare reforms’ which included obligatory workfare for the unemployed, computerised testing of disabled people by Atos, and forcing lone parents of increasingly younger children to sign on, alongside the privatisation of public services, including the NHS and education. Lucrative contracts were given to private providers to bully claimants off benefits.

This assault has intensified and broadened enormously over the last five years, using the financial crisis as the perfect excuse for cuts and outsourcing. To justify their actions and turn us against each other, the millionaires in government and the media demonise one vulnerable group after another – claimants, migrants, lone parents – and the new Tory government are now preparing to target young people and low paid workers.

A decent, public welfare system is in the interest of all of us, whether we are in work or unemployed, frail or able-bodied. Benefit levels are the floor of our wages, and cuts undermine pay and working conditions, health and safety, and the ability to organise. Destroying welfare serves only the richest who never need it, and the bosses, as an army of desperate people are forced to compete for every job.

The attack on welfare is at the heart of a mass assault on all our rights – employment, housing, healthcare, education, social security and justice. The odds against us may seem insurmountable but with solidarity we can fight back.


On Saturday 20th June we will be taking part in a massive national demonstration in the heart of the City of London, right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place – the banks and their friends in Westminster. 

Join us on the train: meet 9.30am at Brighton Station.  Look for the BBC banner!


* * *


The abandoned Barclay’s bank in Preston Circus was occupied after the local anti-cuts demo on June 6th, .  In the UK 112,000 people are condemned to live on the streets without shelter, despite 1.5 million disused buildings.

To bring about a society based on sustaining life, not on sustaining the needs of the market, we have to take matters into our own hands. Radical Bank is about empowerment. It is a space to share skills and reshape ideas around gender, equality, self-sufficiency, ecology and direct action. When you strike one of us, you strike all of us.

Barclays have struck back by obtaining a repossession order, so that they can turn out the people who have restored the space and are making use of it as a community resource and shelter for those without homes, and leave it to disintegrate for the next 10 years.  This seems incredibly illogical, but of course it is the ruling elite defending their right to private property come hell or high water.

More info at Radical Bank of Brighton and Hove


Solidarity With the Public Sector Strikers!

July 9, 2014

Tomorrow June 10th will see up to 2 million workers in public services take strike action. Brighton Benefits Campaign will be supporting PCS pickets at Brighton Jobcentre.

Austerity is a scam – an excuse for the wealthy to make massive profits out of privatising public services, while the rest of us endure cuts and see our rights to employment, education, housing, health care, justice and social security come under sustained attack.   Our millionaire governments are reorganising society in the interests of themselves and their rich friends, while feeding us with propaganda designed to make us blame each other.

In work or not, on benefits or not, public or private sector, we are all fighting back against one massive assault on ordinary people.  Solidarity with the public sector strikers!

What you can do on 10th July:

Join the Pickets!

GMB on the beach by the big wheel from 4:30am

GMB at the Hollingdean Depot from 5am

PCS on Edward Street (Job Centre and Courts) + from 6am

PCS Hove Job Centre from 7am

PCS Tax Office Upper North Street from 7am

UNISON Brighton Town Hall, Hove Town Hall, Kings House from 7am

NUT BHASVIC from 9am

FBU Hove and Preston Circus Fire Stations 10am – 7pm


Join the Demonstrations!

Meet 10am at

Hollingdean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road


Hove Town Hall, Norton Road

For feeder marches alongside 1000s of Public Sector workers and supporters


Strike Rally!

12 noon at The Level, Union Road


Stop G4S! Protest at G4S Annual General Meeting

June 6, 2012

Stop G4S! Protest at G4S Annual General Meeting
12:30pm Thursday June 7
London Stock Exchange, Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS

G4S is a huge private security company involved in oppression and abuse of rights all over the world. The company lost its contract to deport people from the UK last September after 773 complaints of abuse were made against the company and following the death of Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan asylum seeker who died after being ‘restrained’ by G4S guards.

G4S is contracted to provide equipment to the Israeli prisons in which Palestinian political prisoners, including child prisoners, are illegally held. More than 1,600 Palestinian political prisoners recently held a mass hunger strike and several remain on hunger strike.

The company already runs prisons, probation services and welfare services and has recently been awarded contracts to provide security to the Olympics, house asylum seekers in South Yorkshire and to take over parts of 10 police forces.

As the government continues to privatise all kinds of services, G4S looks set to receive even more public money and even more control over our communities.

Join activists from different movements opposing G4S for a demonstration in the heart of the City. Bring banners, drums and anything else you can make noise with!

More information on G4S and recent UK campaigns against it:

Endorsed by:

Boycott Israel Network
Corporate Watch
Croydon Migrant Solidarity
Defend the Right to Protest
International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
No Borders London
No One is Illegal
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group
Stop Deportation Network
Yorkshire Region Plus No to G4S Campaign



November 18, 2011

The government’s economic plans, from cutting pensions and sacking public sector workers, through to forcing the disabled into the labour market and the unemployed to work for their benefits, are all part of one programme.  The goal is to have more and more people, working longer and longer and competing for fewer and fewer jobs.  This will drive down wages and allow bosses to gain greater profits.  The fight against benefit cuts is therefore the same as the fight of public sector workers, so Brighton Benefits Campaign supports the strike and calls for everyone to show solidarity on November 30th.



Why we are marching on the 26th

March 23, 2011

This Saturday Brighton Benefits Campaign will be travelling to London to take part in the March for the Alternative, organised by the TUC. We will be marching to show our total opposition to the cuts in public services and public service jobs. Cuts which are completely unnecessary, an excuse to slash or privatise every public service, in order to serve the interests of the well-off.

Over the last few years there has been a vicious assault on the unemployed, the sick and disabled, single parents, carers and those on low incomes, launched by New Labour and now accelerated by the Con-Dems. This attack on benefits affects us all, whether in work or not. Benefit levels are a floor for wages, and many workers depend on benefits to top up their low incomes. Forcing more and more people into the dole queue creates an army of cheap desperate labour, and workfare will enable the bosses to replace their organised workforce with dole slaves.

The government via the right wing press would have us believe that they are attacking ‘scroungers’ and that the ‘genuine’ claimants will be safe. We say the real scroungers are the rich who want to profit from our suffering, the bosses and bankers who avoid their taxes. It’s time to stand together in solidarity and fight back against these wreckers before our welfare system is destroyed completely, along with public healthcare, education and all other public services.