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Guardianship schemes and the Synergy Centre

  The Guardianship Scheme Since the early 2000s Property Guardian Companies have marketed themselves as anti-squatting services. They offer landlords ‘security’ for their empty properties in exchange for a fee, and they then rent the properties to ‘guardians’ who are … Continue reading

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That Newsnight interview

While we’re all justifiably angry about the way this single parent was mistreated on Newsnight please also think about the language she is quoted as using to complain about this, & the prejudices she is expressing  (which are themselves proliferated … Continue reading

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At a time when, we are told, ‘the country is bankrupt’, the government has found a way to give a massive handout to companies making millions in profits. This is workfare – forcing the unemployed to work for their benefits. … Continue reading

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BBC complains to the BBC about the Newsnight workfare item

We would like to submit a complaint regarding the item on workfare on Newsnight broadcast on Tuesday 15th February 2011. We found this item both politically biased and a product of slip shod journalism. Political Bias The item comprised a … Continue reading

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