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One Day Without Us – stand with migrants!

February 19, 2017


Since the June referendum, both EU nationals and non-European migrants living in the UK have come under enormous pressure. Inflamed by anti-migrant hostility from the media and politicians, racism and prejudice are being openly expressed, accompanied by a steep rise in hate crimes – including murder.  Benefit claimants – the unemployed, disabled people, lone parents and the low paid – have now been joined by migrants as scapegoats blamed for all our ills, rather than the corporate greed, grasping landlords, feckless bankers, media tycoons, tax dodgers and all those profiteers who are driving the gulf between rich and poor ever wider and destroying our society.

Our government of millionaires and landlords now plan to use Brexit to launch a further assault on the rest of us. Human rights and environmental protections can be cast aside, as once again profit is put before people. Three million EU citizens who have made their homes in the UK face losing their rights. One million are threatened with deportation.

We cannot just stand by and allow this to happen. On the UN World Day of Justice we are inviting migrants from across the world to take part in a nationwide Day of Action to show how important migration is for our society and to defend the principle of free  movement.  This is also a great opportunity to convince more MPs to join the opposition to a headlong rush into Brexit disaster.

We invite British-born citizens to stand alongside the men, women and children who are our doctors, nurses, carers, students, teachers, farm workers, scientists, shopkeepers, restaurant staff, taxi drivers, writers, workmates, classmates, friends, neighbours, family and partners. Whatever your nationality and place of origin join us and make February 20th a day of protest, solidarity and celebration.

For 24 hours, take time out from your normal activities. Close your business, leave your classes, march or have a party, hold a meeting or a rally. Take the day off work if you can. Wear badges and armbands, put up posters or give out leaflets, make placards. Hold mini demos at lunch or tea-time, have a five-minute silence, stand outside your place of work for ten minutes or an hour or more. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Let people know who you are and what you do.

Britain was created by migration. Whether you are an immigrant or not, whether your family arrived 4, 40, 400 or 4000 years ago, join us in celebrating and defending our multi-cultural society, our  migrant colleagues, neighbours, friends and fellow citizens, and the  human right to free movement.


Refugees Welcome Here – National Day of Action in Brighton

September 7, 2015


A symbolic event for those who believe that refugees should be welcome in the UK has been organised in Brighton and Hove on Saturday 12th September, through the collaboration of local welfare campaign initiative Enough is Enough and welfare rights advice agency CASE, based in Hollingdean.

This will coincide with a national day of action in support of a major demonstration in London, which has been called in response to reports of refugees who are fleeing war, persecution, torture and poverty losing their lives or struggling to find a safe haven. Rapidly increasing numbers of organisations and individuals are calling on the government to make a humanitaritan and compassionate response and to meet its share of the responsibility to provide protection for those in need.

Brighton and Hove is known for its diverse and welcoming culture. The event on Saturday is for those in the city who can’t travel to London on the day, but who want to make it clear: REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE!

“Scarcity is a myth,” Pip Tindall from Enough is Enough stated. “There are enough resources for us all to share, and the rich have been making fortunes through the economic crisis. Now people are refusing to blame each other, and are holding out their hands to those most in need.”

Josephina Salamone from CASE explained. “The best assets for our society and for each of us are generosity and solidarity. What we allow the government to deny to ‘other’ people will eventually be denied to us: first refugees and migrants, welfare claimants and disabled people, single parents, the young and the old… eventually it will be your turn!.”

Other local organisations including migrant support groups are supporting the Brighton event, which starts at 12 noon near the War Memorial.

Enough is Enough is a positive campaign initiative of Brighton Benefits Campaign


Power to the People?

January 8, 2015




A citizens’ conversation about democracy, cuts and resistance.

* Why does a crisis of the banking system mean that we have to have our benefits and services cut?
* What gave the Ritzy cinema workers the courage to strike and win a living wage?
* What happened when a group of young single mums refused to accept eviction and rehousing far away from their community in East London?
* How can we stop our NHS being dismantled piece by piece?

Come to Power to the People? to learn about what we’re up against and discuss how to take back our power and make our voices heard, here in Brighton. Whether you’re a busy activist or someone who’s never been political, the day will be inspiring and informative. Drop in any time or stay all day.

* Campaign stalls
* Films
* Discussion and skill sharing workshops
* Free lunch

Registering in advance on this Eventbrite page will help the organisers to plan for lunch, arrange sign language and other access arrangements and speed up the registration process on the day:

Brighton Benefits Campaign will be taking part – look out for our stall!



December 16, 2014

Since the financial crisis of 2008, successive governments have pushed forward increasingly vicious cuts to welfare under the excuse of austerity. Meanwhile they have been busy diverting wealth into the pockets of millionaire corporations, cutting the taxes paid by the wealthy, and permitting outrageous tax avoidance and evasion.

Sick people are denied benefits by cruel tests devised to force even the dying to sign on. People desperate for a job are forced into zero-hour contracts with no rights, or even into unpaid work. A draconian system of sanctions for the jobless has been set up to make us compete for poorly paid jobs and the unemployed can now be asked to sign on every day.

Soon people will be obliged to leave the part-time employment they have had for years, in order to work full time in worse conditions or unsuitable jobs, under the threat of sanctions. Help for those in work has been slashed.  Families on low wages go without food or heating to pay their rent due to housing benefit cuts. Many pensioners are faced with choosing between heating and eating, and thousands die each year as a direct result.

Now local councils are doing the government’s dirty work, with savage cuts and privatisation of services.  Brighton and Hove City Council is no exception.  Unsurprisingly, Labour and Tory alike are happy to impose swingeing cuts on the worst off, and the Greens seem incapable of taking a radical stand. Increasing numbers of households are sliding into poverty, while the services they rely on are slashed and sold off.

The rich have become massively richer, while the numbers of those affected by austerity are soaring.  None of us is safe.  Ordinary people see their jobs disappear, their pay frozen, their services smashed, and help for those most in need snatched away or made conditional on their working as virtual slaves.

Yet we are told to blame each other for increasing poverty and desperation!   Or informed by the unimaginably better off that being poor is due to our personal failings.

The privileged rely on us being desperate and divided. Let us refuse to believe the propaganda which divides us. Let us not divide ourselves, again and again, into tiny single issue campaigns. We need to be united, to see our common interest, and to fight side by side for each other.   Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough poster

Enough is Enough! is a new initiative proposed by Brighton Benefits Campaign to bring together all those affected by the assault on the rights of ordinary people over recent years, to take action in solidarity with each other.  We are starting with a party for anyone, on benefits or not, who wants to be involved.  Join us!


Demonstrating against austerity, cuts and privatisation

June 19, 2014

Friday 20th June

Meeting to organise around July 10th Public Sector strike

A meeting to bring together workers in the public and private sector who work in central Brighton,, to discuss the best support for the strike action.

The aim is to raise awareness and support for the dispute among other workers in the central Brighton area.

12.45 – 1.30pm Friends Meeting House Ship Street Brighton

*     *     *     *     *


No More Austerity demo poster

No More Austerity demo poster

Join us on the train – meet Brighton Station 11am

*   *   *   *   *

NHS fat cats

*   *   *   *   *

Save Our Schools demo


Upcoming events in the New Year

December 28, 2013

Season’s greetings to all our supporters & friends.

2014 will see us renew our campaign for our rights –  social security, employment, housing, education, healthcare & justice – which are under comprehensive assault by government and the class they represent.   Whether you’re in paid work or not, on benefits or not, join us in the fight!

The first action will be a candlelit picket against workfare outside exploiters Grosvenor G Casino on Tuesday 14 January – meet at Brighton Pier entrance 7pm.

We also have two events coming up to raise money for the campaign – hope to see you there!

BBC sale poster

BBC sale poster

BBC Fundraising Roast flyer

BBC Fundraising Roast flyer


Benefits Road Show pictures

August 18, 2013

The weather was grim and business a bit slow but those who came enjoyed an afternoon of cake, tea & the wonderful Bandana Collective, while informing themselves about the latest attacks on benefits and how to counter them.

Benefits Road Show









Brighton Benefits Roadshow this Saturday!

August 15, 2013

Join us for tea, cake, music – including the wonderful Bandana Collective – and get informed about what’s happening to benefits and how to defend them!

Brighton Benefits Road Show 17/8/13

Brighton Benefits Road Show 17/8/13


Brighton – May Day Workers Festival

April 27, 2011

Friday 29 April    NEVER MIND THE WEDDING    Caroline of Brunswick  7.30pm

Folk, Punk, Pop & Poety.   £5/£3.   Proceeds to Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition.

Saturday 30 April   BRIGHTON MAY DAY:  Mass Street Party & Protest  12 noon 

Brighton Benefits Campaign / Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition meet 11.45am Churchill Square!/event.php?eid=200471133315559

Sunday 1 May  RECLAIM THE GAME    Manor Road Gym, Bristol Estate 10am

6-a-side May Day Football Tournament. £50 a team in aid of BStCC.  Click here to sign up…

Sunday 1 May  INTERNATIONAL WORKERS’ DAY RALLY!  Jubilee Square  5pm

Socialist choir,  bands,  comedy,  speakers,  stalls,  food and drink.   Donations to BStCC welcome.


Family day, with music from singer-songwriter Mike Terry, speakers, drink, food and fun.  Donations welcome.


Organised by Action For Access.  Donations welcome


Brighton Rock The Cuts: Today!

February 27, 2011

Brighton Benefits Campaign will be performing our panto at 7pm!