Brighton Benefits Campaign was launched in February 2010 in the face of continuing attacks on benefits and the welfare state and on all those  who have to claim benefits. At a time when billions can be found for illegal wars and bank bailouts, the poorest and most vulnerable in society are being blamed for a crisis they didn’t create. The government is handing out millions to private companies to run its ‘forced work’ schemes  and no money is being invested in new jobs. Instead their aim is to get the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, single parents, whoever, to compete on the labour market for the scarce jobs available and, as a result, drive down wages and conditions. This doesn’t only affect the unemployed and other claimants, it affects everybody who is working.

Brighton Benefits Campaign is not a single interest or welfare rights group – we don’t provide individual solutions to the current attacks on our living conditions. Instead, we believe that it is only in a collective response to these attacks through developing a broad campaign of  benefit claimants, workers, trade unionists and anybody else who wants to fight back that we can actually change things.

If you want to get involved: BBC meets every Thursday 6pm, upstairs room, Duke of Wellington pub, Upper Gloucester Road, 5mins from Brighton Station.

We produce a lot of information materials, flyers etc & donations are always welcome.
If you would like to give a donation please let us know & we will send you bank details.

Twitter: Brighton Benefits @BrightonBenefit

Contact us:


  1. Please notify me of new updates.

    • How about contact details, or a form to fill in to keep in touch?

      PS, the name field doesn’t display in Internet Explorer.

      • please email or contact via facebook if you want to keep in touch

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