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Brighton Benefits Campaign meetings

April 12, 2017

Day of Action Against Sanctions 2017

Following a productive organising meeting last night, Brighton Benefits Campaign will be holding regular meetings again to plan actions including the relaunch of the Enough is Enough campaign against all benefit cuts.

The next meeting is on Thursday 27th April at CASE Central, 4 Crestway Parade Hollingdean BN1 7BL, starting at 7pm.

Contact us on if you want more information.




Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting

September 24, 2016


Wednesday 28th September
6pm CASE Central

Discussion of the Voluntary Charter with Mike Aiken
Synergy Centre update
B&HCC renewed Council Tax attack
Action against welfare deaths with DPAC


Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting

August 22, 2016




4 Crestway Parade Hollingdean BN1 7BL

Planning actions: anti-workfare pickets, demos with DPAC etc
Upcoming events including local public meeting on migration
Information & discussion

All welcome


Emergency Housing & Temporary Accomodation residents meeting

May 29, 2016


Wednesday 8th June

7pm Friends Meeting House Ship Street Brighton

Meeting for residents in Emergency Housing & Temporary Accommodation in Brighton & Hove

Emergency and Temporary Accomodation is a scandal, provided not by the council itself but by companies who can make many hundreds a month for each shabby damp room, far more than they would get in rent on the open market!

The council is failing to provide people in need with secure, supportive and habitable accommodation.  There are bedbugs in Grand Parade, suicides and drug overdoses, families and people with mental illnesses living in unsuitable conditions with shit cooking facilities and sometimes no ability to wash clothes.

If you are fed up with your living situation then you need to come to this interesting meeting with like minded residents who want to reclaim our housing, improve conditions and put pressure on the council to rethink their policy on Emergency and Temporary Accommodation.

If you have any questions or want to clarify anything then please email

It’s time to fight back!  Together we can expose the wrongdoing that is happening and we need your voices and horror stories. See you there!


Thursday 17th December: Lobby of B&H City Council & Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting

December 15, 2015



Tell our city councillors it’s time to reject the austerity scam and refuse to make cuts!

The council meeting will hear petitions from local residents on several important issues:

  • The restructuring of the Learning Support Service for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. The petition has almost 9,000 signatures from parents and other concerned citizens.
  • Offering a generous welcome to refugees from Syria and other war zones. There are two petitions being presented, calling on the council to accept more refugee families. Facebook event page
  • The plans to increase council tax bills for the poorest 15,000 households in the city by at least 33% from April. This petition is still open for signatures. The final decision on this issue will be made at the council meeting.



Join us in organising for the new year, starting with action against a shameless corporate charity exploiting workfare.


Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting 18/11/15

November 16, 2015


There will be an open meeting of Brighton Benefits Campaign on Wednesday 18th November.  Meet in the bar of the Old Ship Hotel at 7.30pm.  We will use one of the side rooms.  This is an accessible venue.

We will be discussing a variety of issues including Council Tax Reduction, tax credit cuts and local workfare exploiters. Also planning actions to come.

Facebook event


Stop the Council’s Tax Attack!

October 18, 2015

Tax attack

Council Tax Reduction scheme 2016-17

Brighton & Hove City Council proposals mean much higher bills for people on benefit

Before 2013, Council Tax Benefit covered the cost of council tax for people on some benefits. This was in recognition that, if you qualify for certain means tested benefits, you can’t afford to pay council tax.

Council Tax Benefit was abolished by the government in 2013, and replaced with a council run scheme called “Council Tax Reduction Scheme”. Since then, the amount of help the poorest households in Brighton & Hove can get with their council tax bills has been cut from 100% to 85%.

The council are now proposing another cut in this help – so that it will only cover 75% of the full council tax bill. Some people will therefore see their council tax bills go up by 67% from April 2016. This is despite the fact that, in real terms, benefits are worth less than they were in 2012, so people are actually less able to pay, not more.

From April 2016, life for people on benefits will get even harder, because the government are freezing all working age benefits and making big cuts to tax credits. The council’s proposal will mean yet another blow for these very same households.

This is deeply unfair. It will increase poverty and push people into debt. It is also not a sensible way for the council to raise money.

The amount the council is owed in unpaid council tax has already increased substantially because they are asking people to pay who are simply unable to afford to do so. Trying to plug a funding gap by billing people who can’t pay the bill is not just unfair and unethical but impractical, and will lead to the council spending yet more on chasing debts. It will also put people under even more stress and strain, which is likely to lead to even more pressure on local services, such as mental health services.



Thursday 12th November


Synergy Centre West Street (opposite the Odeon)

Called by Brighton People’s Assembly against Austerity, Brighton & Hove Green Party, Brighton & Hove Left Unity, Brighton Benefits Campaign, CASE Central

Join us to hear first hand what this will mean for people in Brighton & Hove, and to share your story.  Speakers (details to come) and discussion.



Complete the council’s consultation by October 20th.  Tell your friends – many people don’t know this is going on.  Have a look at our briefing notes for ideas about completing the consultation.

Sign the petition

Spread the word through your networks


An active autumn for Brighton Benefits Campaign!

August 12, 2015


We are now holding regular BBC meetings again.

The next is on Thursday 27th August.  Meet in the bar of the Old Ship Hotel (opposite the pier on the seafront) at 7pm.
All welcome.

Upcoming campaigning includes a day of action against Pinnacle People, local anti-workfare pickets, events against austerity, mental health and the DWP, and much more.

Join us!



Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting

June 24, 2015


There will be a Brighton Benefits Campaign meeting tonight Wednesday 24th June

7pm at Brighton Unemployed Centre in Hollingdean BN1 7BL

Join us in planning new actions and events.




Demonstrating against austerity, cuts and privatisation

June 19, 2014

Friday 20th June

Meeting to organise around July 10th Public Sector strike

A meeting to bring together workers in the public and private sector who work in central Brighton,, to discuss the best support for the strike action.

The aim is to raise awareness and support for the dispute among other workers in the central Brighton area.

12.45 – 1.30pm Friends Meeting House Ship Street Brighton

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No More Austerity demo poster

No More Austerity demo poster

Join us on the train – meet Brighton Station 11am

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NHS fat cats

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Save Our Schools demo