Picket of Synergy Centre leaflet

Guardianship and the Synergy Centre – full report

Day of Action Against PIP leaflet

Why oppose benefit sanctions leaflet

Stop Workfare at the Synergy Centre

Day of Action Against Sanctions 2016

Day of Action Against Pinnacle People

2015-06-20 Anti-Austerity Demo leaflet

2015-03-19 Day of Action Against Sanctions

2015-03-02 Day of Action Against Maximus leaflet

2014-12-02 Enough is Enough leaflet

Day of Action Versus Sanctions & Targets

Grosvenor G Casino leaflet

The Other BBC Newsletter 2013

Employment rights under attack

Zero Hours meeting flyer

Labour Party demo leaflet

Labour Party Demo Poster

TMSO leaflet

Brighton Benefits Road Show poster

Pinnacle People demo leaflet

Universal Jobmatch: Know Your Rights

BBC general leaflet 2013

Brighton Benefits Campaign Workfare leaflet 2013

email template for EDM 1072

anti-austerity xmas

Superdrug flyer

Scheduled Benefit Cuts (Oct 2012)

JSA Sanction Changes  (Oct 2012)

Public Meeting: What’s wrong with austerity? flyer

National Week of Action Against Workfare poster

Week of Action Against Workfare July 2012 Press Release

Break Workfare Conference poster

Break Workfare Conference flyer

Dick Whittington & His Work Capability Assessment – the script

The Other BBC News

2012-03 Workfare leaflet

2012-03 BBC leaflet

2011-10 Crisis in Housing flyer

2011-09 Day of Action v WCA flyer

2011-05 BBC for May Day

2011-04 Day of Action v WCA flyer

2011-03 BBC leaflet

2011-02 BBC Panto flyer

2011-01 Hollingdean Against Cuts flyer

2010-12 Housing Benefit DoA flyer

2010-09 Homes under threat

2010-09 BBC leaflet

2010-06 FND day of action leaflet

2010-06 FND Day of Action flyer

2010-06 BBC leaflet

2010-05 FND picket flyer

2010-03 PCS strike leaflet

2010-03 Flexible New Deal leaflet

2010-03 BBC first leaflet

1 Response to Resources

  1. andy5414 says:

    MP’s = Manipulative Ponderers

    the poor verses the poorer is our conservative cruel plan
    we’ll turn these unfortunate souls against one another we can
    how to divide them into groups here’s my idea
    we’ll call the unemployed scroungers we’ll make this quite clear
    And now for the employed but on the lowest wage only
    We’ll humble these as strivers i know it sounds phoney
    soon the foundations of my cruel tactics will be in place
    the strivers are sure to spit in the scroungers face
    thats them both discreatley divided
    a simple line for the simple minded
    this bait will be taken i have certainly decided
    now were free to grinde the scroungers till their totally grinded
    scroungers will be easy prey with the strivers blinded
    lots of visions and cruel thinking my mind did
    Got it! i cried joyfully wiping a tear from my eyelid
    cap the benefits of scroungers for years to come
    rob them of their human rights this will be fun
    all of them struggling with next to no income
    we can all call all of them all scum
    now thats the poorest through with and done
    lets tax these strivers slyly and then some
    make them believe that their in a better position
    then we’ll be free to make our unforseen incision
    and now for a cheeky one i slipped in the binder
    the wealthiest will have a tax cut this is a blinder
    we can justify this by a constant reminder
    were all in this together thats the whinder

    Guys people and anyone with a brain really, when are we gonna realise that

    MP’s and councilors dont do shit for anyone unless it betters their own

    image on the world stage in some way or other or their backed into a corner

    by a TV crew,
    we dont need them to help us we us to help ourselves to help us away from

    these greedy human beings who are always on the take, well 98% are the

    other 2% are probably really nice people who take the feelings of others in

    to consideration and feel empathy towards others kinda like our mums are

    with us all, hmm mums in positions of real power of us all…. might be onto

    something here peeps 🙂

    Love not Hate

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