Fighting austerity – taking on the real scroungers!

Brighton Benefits Campaign formed in 2010 as a response to the Labour government’s ‘welfare reforms’ which included obligatory workfare for the unemployed, computerised testing of disabled people by Atos, and forcing lone parents of increasingly younger children to sign on, alongside the privatisation of public services, including the NHS and education. Lucrative contracts were given to private providers to bully claimants off benefits.

This assault has intensified and broadened enormously over the last five years, using the financial crisis as the perfect excuse for cuts and outsourcing. To justify their actions and turn us against each other, the millionaires in government and the media demonise one vulnerable group after another – claimants, migrants, lone parents – and the new Tory government are now preparing to target young people and low paid workers.

A decent, public welfare system is in the interest of all of us, whether we are in work or unemployed, frail or able-bodied. Benefit levels are the floor of our wages, and cuts undermine pay and working conditions, health and safety, and the ability to organise. Destroying welfare serves only the richest who never need it, and the bosses, as an army of desperate people are forced to compete for every job.

The attack on welfare is at the heart of a mass assault on all our rights – employment, housing, healthcare, education, social security and justice. The odds against us may seem insurmountable but with solidarity we can fight back.


On Saturday 20th June we will be taking part in a massive national demonstration in the heart of the City of London, right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place – the banks and their friends in Westminster. 

Join us on the train: meet 9.30am at Brighton Station.  Look for the BBC banner!


* * *


The abandoned Barclay’s bank in Preston Circus was occupied after the local anti-cuts demo on June 6th, .  In the UK 112,000 people are condemned to live on the streets without shelter, despite 1.5 million disused buildings.

To bring about a society based on sustaining life, not on sustaining the needs of the market, we have to take matters into our own hands. Radical Bank is about empowerment. It is a space to share skills and reshape ideas around gender, equality, self-sufficiency, ecology and direct action. When you strike one of us, you strike all of us.

Barclays have struck back by obtaining a repossession order, so that they can turn out the people who have restored the space and are making use of it as a community resource and shelter for those without homes, and leave it to disintegrate for the next 10 years.  This seems incredibly illogical, but of course it is the ruling elite defending their right to private property come hell or high water.

More info at Radical Bank of Brighton and Hove

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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