Power to the People?




A citizens’ conversation about democracy, cuts and resistance.

* Why does a crisis of the banking system mean that we have to have our benefits and services cut?
* What gave the Ritzy cinema workers the courage to strike and win a living wage?
* What happened when a group of young single mums refused to accept eviction and rehousing far away from their community in East London?
* How can we stop our NHS being dismantled piece by piece?

Come to Power to the People? to learn about what we’re up against and discuss how to take back our power and make our voices heard, here in Brighton. Whether you’re a busy activist or someone who’s never been political, the day will be inspiring and informative. Drop in any time or stay all day.

* Campaign stalls
* Films
* Discussion and skill sharing workshops
* Free lunch

Registering in advance on this Eventbrite page will help the organisers to plan for lunch, arrange sign language and other access arrangements and speed up the registration process on the day:   http://brightonpowertothepeople.eventbrite.co.uk/

Brighton Benefits Campaign will be taking part – look out for our stall!

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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