Brighton Day of Action Against Sanctions & Benefit Cuts

Friday 12th September
Meet in the forecourt of Brighton Station 11am


We will be paying a visit to a private provider making millions in public money,while referring unemployed and disabled people for sanctions.


Benefit cuts mean hunger, debt and fear, and have led to a string of deaths and suicides. People lose benefits for the most trivial reasons. Last year the numbers soared to over a million, with a 580% rise in sanctions imposed on disabled people. The result has been a massive increase in destitution and referrals to food banks.

Jobcentre staff are bullied to impose sanctions. Research by the PCS union in the DWP revealed that 82% of members felt  pressured into sanctioning claimants, and 62% said they had made ’inappropriate’ sanctions decisions.

Benefits are not a ’lifestyle choice’. Most of those making up the army of unemployed are between short-term jobs, or disabled, lone parents, and increasing numbers of older people forced onto the dole queue by cuts to social security rights. Yet they are being bullied and threatened with sanctions. Why?

Faced with a choice between work or starvation, people will grasp at any job, however bad the pay and conditions, however  demeaning or dangerous. They can even be forced to work for nothing or lose their benefits. Bad news for the workers whose employment rights are undercut, but a massive state handout for the bosses.

At the same time the private providers of the disgraced Work Programme such as Avanta, and their hundreds of sub-contractors, are taking millions in public money. They are about to get another bite of the cherry as a new scheme is rolled out imposing 13 weeks of ‘9-5 jobsearch’ on the unemployed.

The truth is sanctions, workfare and privatisation don’t create jobs, they destroy them!


About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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1 Response to Brighton Day of Action Against Sanctions & Benefit Cuts

  1. james says:

    We need to start exposing the people name and shame them…the people that are doing the sanctions

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