Solidarity With the Public Sector Strikers!

Tomorrow June 10th will see up to 2 million workers in public services take strike action. Brighton Benefits Campaign will be supporting PCS pickets at Brighton Jobcentre.

Austerity is a scam – an excuse for the wealthy to make massive profits out of privatising public services, while the rest of us endure cuts and see our rights to employment, education, housing, health care, justice and social security come under sustained attack.   Our millionaire governments are reorganising society in the interests of themselves and their rich friends, while feeding us with propaganda designed to make us blame each other.

In work or not, on benefits or not, public or private sector, we are all fighting back against one massive assault on ordinary people.  Solidarity with the public sector strikers!

What you can do on 10th July:

Join the Pickets!

GMB on the beach by the big wheel from 4:30am

GMB at the Hollingdean Depot from 5am

PCS on Edward Street (Job Centre and Courts) + from 6am

PCS Hove Job Centre from 7am

PCS Tax Office Upper North Street from 7am

UNISON Brighton Town Hall, Hove Town Hall, Kings House from 7am

NUT BHASVIC from 9am

FBU Hove and Preston Circus Fire Stations 10am – 7pm


Join the Demonstrations!

Meet 10am at

Hollingdean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road


Hove Town Hall, Norton Road

For feeder marches alongside 1000s of Public Sector workers and supporters


Strike Rally!

12 noon at The Level, Union Road

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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1 Response to Solidarity With the Public Sector Strikers!

  1. Pete says:

    This has all come about because the nation has been shafted by the banks and all political parties are nothing more than their lackeys. The problem is that the private sector have not got a cat in hells chance of equivocal pay with the public sector, yet it’s the private sector employees who ultimately pay for the wages of the public sector through their taxes. The money in the governments pot just doesn’t materialise from nowhere, it has to be earned first and the only way it can be earned is through trade.

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