Late night picket of workfare exploiters Grosvenor G Casino

Grosvenor G picket 1

An excellent late-night picket was held outside Grosvenor G Casino Brighton last night.  Fifteen people – including members of Brighton Benefits Campaign, Brighton SolFed, Marea Granate, Brighton Hove Left Unity and other activists – took part in opposing Grosvenor G’s exploitation of workfare.

Grosveno G picket 2

Many of the Saturday night crowd took leaflets, and there was a surprising amount of interest with much support, as well as lively debate in some cases.  No trouble apart from a show-off who punched the SolFed banner…

Grosvenor G picket 3

In many cases those who think workfare is a good idea haven’t realised the truths
– we are all paying through our taxes so that companies like Grosvenor G can make more profit
– taking on free labour leads to paid workers losing hours and enhancements, and sometimes even their jobs.

Judging by the numbers coming out of the casino last night, Grosvenor G Casinos are doing pretty well.  They certainly don’t need state handouts in the form of free workfare slaves or in-work benefits to top up their low wages.

Grosvenor G picket 4

This is an ongoing campaign and we will be organising another picket shortly.  Next time we hope it will be a National Day of Action – there are 55 casinos owned by Grosvenor G accross the UK so it’s not hard to find one nearby!

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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