Today – demo against private providers of the Work Programme!

July 26, 2013

Friday 26 July
Meet Clock Tower Brighton 11.30am

Private providers such as Avanta and G4S are paid millions to operate the discredited Work Programme for the DWP.

The Work Programme’s success rates in getting people into work are truly abysmal – in fact it has been shown that if you’re unemployed you would be more likely to get a job by being left to find one for yourself!

The money still rolls in for the hundreds of companies contracted and sub-contracted to deliver this worse than useless service, but recently these two providers have had their wrists slapped by the DWP for not getting enough people who receive ESA (sick and disabled people in other words) off benefits.

The answer? DWP advice is to push the sick harder and to repress any natural feelings of sympathy that might lead to staff treating them too kindly (including those with a 12 month prognosis ie. a terminal illness)

We say:
– NO to bullying the sick and dying to get any job just so private companies can make a profit from state handouts
– END the parasitic culture of corporate welfare using public money to bankroll the private sector
– STOP pretending that unemployment is the fault of the unemployed and not a fault of the system
– benefits should be paid according to need – they MUST NOT become conditional


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