Brighton Benefits Campaign news

Over the past week Brighton Benefits Campaign has been even more active than usual and there’s more to come!

Thursday we took part in Brighton People’s Assembly, which brought together local activists and others opposed to austerity, and we will be sending representatives to the National People’s Assembly on the 22nd.
Friday we took action for benefit justice by invading the Housing Office at Mousecoomb, which resulted in BBC members meeting with the manager to discuss why, despite promises from the councillors, letters threatening evictions had been sent to bedroom tax victims.  A report on what came out of this meeting can be read here
Monday we were at Hove Town Hall for the demonstration against Nigel Farage.  In addition to being infamous for racism and homophobia, UKIP have referred to benefit claimants as a ‘parasitic underclass of scroungers’.  Their welfare policies include forced unpaid work for all Housing and Council Tax Benefit claimants, slashing benefits for disabled people, and removing childcare support for working parents.  An account of the demo can be found here

Yesterday we joined the pickets at Brighton Jobcentre in solidarity with the PCS strikers.  BBC has always had strong links with PCS organisers and workers in the Jobcentre, many of whom are themselves on benefits.   In addition, their jobs are increasingly under threat from the privatisation of public services for profit.  Photos and video from the picket can be seen on the GMB site
Tonight we will be holding the first estate meeting, to build a local group against the bedroom tax & the assault on welfare.  Thanks to all who have helped with leafleting virtually the whole of Hollingdean!
We will post further actions against workfare & welfare cuts shortly.

Events & Actions June 2013:

Hands Off Our Homes – Fight Benefit Cuts
Thursday 6 June
Hollingdean Community Centre 7pm

Unison / GMB Golf Course Workers Strike
Tuesday 11 June
Support pickets at Hollingbury and Waterhall Golf Courses from 6am

Brighton Left Unity meeting
Tuesday 11 June
Brighthelm (Hanover Room) 7pm

Full Trades Council
Wednesday 12 June
King and Queen 8pm
All Trade Union Members Welcome

 Brighton Benefits Action organising meeting
Thursday 13 June
TUC Unemployed Centre Hollingdean  7pm

Peoples Assembly Against Austerity
Saturday 22 June
Central Hall Westminster 9.30am

National Shop Stewards Network Conference
Saturday 29 June
Camden Centre London 11am

NHS 65th Birthday Anti-Privatisation Street Party
Friday 5 July
New Road Brighton 3pm

Sussex Trade Union Network Meeting
Saturday 6th July
Friends Meeting House

Strikes & Ballots

GMB Cityclean
GMB are currently balloting at the Hollingdean Cityclean depot to defend members against up to £4000 pay cuts, in response it appears the council are planning strike-breaking measures. More info, petition to sign and place to donate to strike fund here.

Sussex Uni
The Sussex University based Pop-Up union has begun to ballot its members against privatisation on campus.
Details here

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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