Bedroom Tax – Lobby of Brighton & Hove City Council Housing Committee – Wednesday 8 May

April 12, 2013

bedroom tax poster final

The bedroom tax is the latest in a series of attacks on housing rights which have targeted those most in need. Cuts & caps to benefits have already hit private tenants & mortgage-payers,  & are now being aimed at social tenants. Many see this as the last straw, on top of the raft of cuts to in-work & out-of-work benefits, & other attacks on claimants including the abolition of  Council Tax Benefit & Crisis Loans, restrictions in the entitlement to sickness benefits, the introduction of workfare etc.

Benefits are not a luxury nor a lifestyle choice;  they make the difference between survival & destitution for millions of us, & form the base for wages & conditions as well as rights. Yet our  welfare system is under massive sustained attack.

Anger is rising at the war being waged against all of us by this government of millionaires, while they & their wealthy friends enjoy tax cuts. Previously separate groups – workers, students, disabled people & tenants – are uniting to fight back.  The bedroom tax could be the last straw which binds us together!


Bedroom Tax lobby flyer final final


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