Superdrug anti-workfare picket this Saturday. Day of action!

Saturday 3 November  –  Meet Clock Tower 12 noon

At Christmas, many firms hire extra workers to deal with higher than normal volumes of business. This year, though, some companies have been slipped a special present in their sock, courtesy of the government.

In 2011, Superdrug made over £20m in profit. Nevertheless, they’ve jumped at the chance to scrounge off the state in the form of the government’s workfare programmes. In Brighton this year, rather than hire extra workers, Superdrug will be taking on unemployed people through the Work Experience scheme – workers Superdrug won’t have to pay.

The same number of people will be doing the same amount of work – but thanks to workfare, Superdrug can replace paid workers with unpaid ones. Once again, the lies of the government and businesses, claiming that workfare is a way to help people back into work, are exposed. The exact opposite is true – workfare is a job destruction scheme.

We call on Superdrug to end this exploitation and withdraw immediately from all workfare programmes. Any workers now working unpaid should be hired straight away.

Until Superdrug gives in, join us in fighting this attack on all workers’ terms and conditions.


About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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