Actions Against Austerity!

In a remarkable trick, a crisis that began with the failures of private banks has been transformed into a crisis of public debt. The government would have us believe that a period of austerity – wage freezes, job cuts, and cuts to public spending – is essential. But as the economy has plunged back into recession, these policies are under increasing attack.

Austerity is not working, so why are we still being promised years of it to come? The truth is that the leaders of all the major parties are committed to austerity, not because it’s good for us, but because it’s good for them and their wealthy friends.  The highest earners are making a killing while the rest of us face job insecurity and cuts to pay, pensions, services and benefits.

The millionaires in government and the media want us to focus on the ‘lazy’ unemployed, lone parents, immigrants, and disabled people. But even their own figures for benefit fraud are infinitesimal compared to tax avoidance and evasion – and the vast sums spent on bailing out the banks.

Hand in hand with savage cuts we are seeing the mass privatisation of public services. Despite making a mess of everything they get their hands on, dodgy companies like G4S are being rewarded with millions in public money. Public services are being slashed to prepare them for takeover by private companies. Businessmen are queuing up to get a slice of the NHS, schools, and every other service we rely on.

The bankers’ crisis is being used as an excuse to roll back the clock to the bad old days; to dismantle the welfare state, restore the power of bosses while destroying workers’ rights, and turn every aspect of our society into an opportunity for profit.

If we don’t want a return to Dickensian conditions, we need to stop this – now!

No to Austerity Government!  LibDem conference demo Saturday 22 September  –  meet at noon on the Level, Brighton

Schools, Hospitals, Councils, Benefits.  Across the board those that rely on the welfare state suffer while jobs are lost and pay is cut.  Debt reduction through austerity in Britain and across Europe has now been proved not to reduce deficits, but it is part of a massive transfer of wealthy from the poorest to the very richest.

Leaving a trail of broken promises on issues such as the NHS & student fees, the Lib-Dems have propped up a government that has seen the wealth of the richest 1000 people increase by £78bn since they took office.

Join us this Saturday to say no to this government and show the Lib-Dems they will not be forgiven for their role in it.


Ruin the LibDems’ Weekend – Mass Picket of Workfare Providers in Brighton

To coincide with the demonstration, Brighton Solidarity Federation, Brighton Benefits Campaign and Brighton Uncut are calling for a day of action in Brighton against workfare.

We will distribute a list of workfare targets and their locations – when the march ends we will head into town and try and shut down as many of them as we can for as long as we can.




About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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