National Week of Action Against Workfare: Dial-A-Provider – A Call to Speak Up

Please see below for details of the Boycott Workfare daily communications blockade of companies & institutions involved in workfare.
Details updated as we go.
Even if you can’t make any of the pickets & actions, you can take part in the fight against workfare by phoning, emailing or tweeting!
Coinciding with a National Week of Action Against Workfare (7 -14 July) let’s set aside some dates to get some calls made. Over the five days of 9 – 13 July we’re going to call some placement providers: just who will be a surprise to you and them. And so that you can trust and see that you are not alone in your efforts, each day an accompanying poll will be added where you can click to mark your call(s) by process of encouraging others to do the same.
Busying the dialling finger itch, running from Saturday 7 to 13 July, Liverpool Combat Action will be conducting a series of pickets and communication blockades against A4e, inviting you to join them in further dial-up fun on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Making that a double effort, and to cap off the week’s earlier Workfare Walk of Shame (Saturday 7th July) the Brighton Benefits Campaign will also be clogging up A4e’s lines this Friday (details to follow) Stay by your phones!
Dial-A-Provider details:
Brighton Communications Blockade – we’ve had problems getting hold of a working local A4E office number, so please use the national/Liverpool contact details.

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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2 Responses to National Week of Action Against Workfare: Dial-A-Provider – A Call to Speak Up

  1. Cowboy hat says:

    I worked for A4E in 2003 and they were totally corrupt even then, committing fraud – when i resigned I wasn’t even allowed to return to get my teaching books…they got really paranoid as I knew what they did was unethical – Emma Harrison should be behind bars, not running a prison rehab service, she has no soul, and no heart. At the time I wrote letters of complaint with facts in them, i kept copies and will try to dig them out – is this best place to post them?

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