November 18, 2011

The government’s economic plans, from cutting pensions and sacking public sector workers, through to forcing the disabled into the labour market and the unemployed to work for their benefits, are all part of one programme.  The goal is to have more and more people, working longer and longer and competing for fewer and fewer jobs.  This will drive down wages and allow bosses to gain greater profits.  The fight against benefit cuts is therefore the same as the fight of public sector workers, so Brighton Benefits Campaign supports the strike and calls for everyone to show solidarity on November 30th.




  1. We need to re-introduce British manufacturing & focus our discontent against the commercial banks. They are the ones who have led into a cul de sac of a continuing reduction in our living standards. The politicians whether they be Labour, Tory or Liberal only get anywhere in their careers if they pander to their masters who print the money.

    From Blair the multimillionaire Socialist hypocrite to the Eaton educated whimsy Cameron, all put their careers before their country. We cant print currency to get us out of this mess any more than we can create none productive jobs to boost our wealth.

    We are heading for complete meltdown, unless we all get a grip & put this country of ours back on it’s feet & direct our attention to the root causes of our demise..

    • Agreed.

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