Save Our NHS! Keep Our NHS Public!

On 5 July the NHS will be 63 years old.  Throughout its existence the NHS has provided free health care to many millions of people.  Many of  us  owe our lives to the care of this fantastic service and its dedicated workforce.   Among the general public, satisfaction with the NHS is at the highest point since 1984.

Yet instead of celebrating this extraordinary acheivement & ensuring that it carries on for another 63 years, the government is trying to destroy it.  Along with all other public services, they plan to cut & privatise the NHS.  The only people who will gain from this will be the rich investors who are slavering over the thought of slicing up the NHS & turning it into their private money-making machine.

Look at the situation in the USA if you want to know how bad it can get for ordinary people.  We’re not going to let that happen here.  NHS workers, campaigners & users are joining together to fight for their beloved Health Service!


10.30am Saturday June 25

Assemble at  The Gallops off Nevill Road Lewes


7pm Wednesday June 29

Friends Meeting House  Ship Street  Brighton

Further events to come!

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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