Why we are marching on the 26th

This Saturday Brighton Benefits Campaign will be travelling to London to take part in the March for the Alternative, organised by the TUC. We will be marching to show our total opposition to the cuts in public services and public service jobs. Cuts which are completely unnecessary, an excuse to slash or privatise every public service, in order to serve the interests of the well-off.

Over the last few years there has been a vicious assault on the unemployed, the sick and disabled, single parents, carers and those on low incomes, launched by New Labour and now accelerated by the Con-Dems. This attack on benefits affects us all, whether in work or not. Benefit levels are a floor for wages, and many workers depend on benefits to top up their low incomes. Forcing more and more people into the dole queue creates an army of cheap desperate labour, and workfare will enable the bosses to replace their organised workforce with dole slaves.

The government via the right wing press would have us believe that they are attacking ‘scroungers’ and that the ‘genuine’ claimants will be safe. We say the real scroungers are the rich who want to profit from our suffering, the bosses and bankers who avoid their taxes. It’s time to stand together in solidarity and fight back against these wreckers before our welfare system is destroyed completely, along with public healthcare, education and all other public services.

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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