Hollingdean Against Cuts!




Speakers include:  Tony Greenstein (Unemployed Workers Centre / Brighton Benefits Campaign) Phil Clarke (Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition) Dave Russell (GMB Hollingdean Depot)

Having been bailed out with billions in public money, the bankers are once more awarding themselves huge bonuses.    Yet again, our elected representatives have been caught cheating on their expenses.  Companies are still getting away without paying tax.  It’s business as usual for the rich & privileged in neo-liberal Britain.

The rest of us are faced with the threat of a return to the dark days before the Welfare State. The Con-Dem government has embraced New Labour’s plans for privatisation with unfettered enthusiasm.  Schools are to become academies, health services and benefits farmed out to private companies.  As council budgets are slashed, our local services are disappearing – services we all rely on such as libraries, nurseries, advice centres.  And thousands of workers in all these services will lose their jobs.

The harshest cuts will fall on the worst off – the unemployed, disabled, single parents,  & those on low incomes.  Cuts & caps to housing benefits, cuts to tax credits, child benefit, EMA, disability & carers allowances…. all designed to snatch money from those most in need. To justify these attacks,  the government tries to set us against each other, with all the resources of the millionaire-owned media at its disposal.

Contrary to its propaganda, the cuts will affect us all.  Those in work as well as those out of work,  the private sector as well as the public sector, homeowners as well as tenants.  The only people who won’t be affected are the rich & privileged – they don’t use public services & never have to worry about being out of work or losing their home.

Come along & find out how we can protect ourselves & our public services from the cuts!

Organised by Brighton Benefits Campaign and Brighton & Hove Unemployed Workers Centre as part of Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition.

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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