Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition


Wednesday 20 October from 4pm Churchill Square

Today the government will announce the full viciousness of the cuts which will fall on ordinary people,  the destruction of public services and the dismantling of the welfare state, under the guise of fixing the deficit.  Mass unemployment, homelessness and poverty will ensue, all in time for them to give our money away to the banks again…..



Thursday 21 October from 3.30pm outside Hove Town Hall

This will be one of the few meetings of the full Brighton & Hove council, and extremely important in view of the cuts, outsourcing, and threats to Connexions and other essential services.

Deputations will speak out against the closure of Bright Start Nursery and the proposal to turn Portslade Community College into another Aldridge academy.

Brighton Benefits Campaign will be there – look for the banner!!/event.php?eid=162749723742720



Saturday 30 October from 12 noon at the Level

The chance for everyone in this city to demonstrate their opposition to the cuts and their determination to halt the destruction of public services and the welfare state.

Speakers – including Brighton Benefits Campaign & the Unemployed Centre –  music & stalls on the Level before the march.

BBC will be out in force!  March with the banner!!/event.php?eid=123245091062999

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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