The Other BBC News

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The Other BBC News

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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3 Responses to The Other BBC News

  1. mr simpson says:

    iAM just fed up i am scared to move incase they make my life even harder, we have got to get organised and figit i see the top 10% feeling nothing while we the vulnerable are holding them up high

  2. Nalik says:

    I like the newsletter. Unfortunately I live in London therefore it will be difficult for me to attend any event you plan to hold in Brighton.

    To Mr. simpson: Yes, I agree with you that those who on “benefits” should organize and get together somehow. It should be a rich country’s duty to look after the poor in stead of abusing/neglecting/targeting them.

  3. Nalik says:

    To Brighton Benefits Campaign: Could you include the following Widgets in your WordPress blog to make it more useful/accessible:
    1. Top Rated: show for comments
    2. Recent comments
    3. Search

    I also have my WordPress blog addressing this serious “attack on welfare” issue. No one has commented on my blog although I hope someone will one day.

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