Brighton Benefits Campaign Public Meeting

Thursday 23 September at 7pm

Friends Meeting House in Ship Street Brighton

invited speakers Caroline Lucas MP & Andy Richards UNISON


As a direct result of the bankers’ crisis, over a million people have already lost their jobs. Now, to pay off the bankers’ gambling debts, the government are planning massive budget cuts that will throw another 1.3 million people onto the dole queue. At the same time as these jobs are going, the government is also launching a savage attack on benefits. This attack on the welfare system is unprecedented and, if it goes ahead, will have irreversible effects.

The proposed benefit cuts will affect claimants in work as well as those out of work. Cuts to Housing Benefit and Tax Credits will hit millions. If the budget is approved, all housing allowances will be slashed across the county. According to the Chartered Institute of Housing, ¾ million people will lose their homes. The cuts will throw individuals and families into spiralling debt and will create social cleansing of large city areas. The government has also looked at the possibility of slashing Disability Living Allowance, which is paid to claimants both in or out of work.

Besides cutting our basic incomes, the new government is eager to accelerate New Labour’s initiatives to push single parents and sick people into the labour market. The Budget also includes plans to punish the long term unemployed with an indefinite sanction of 10% of their Housing Benefit, however keen their job search is!

The ultimate consequence of these cuts is the creation of an army of people desperate for jobs, any jobs, however badly paid. With so many fearful for their livelihoods at our employers’ doors, we will face the choice of working harder, taking pay cuts and accepting worse conditions, or being replaced. And if we strike, there will be millions of desperate people ready to scab!

Brighton Benefit Campaign is not a ‘claimant’ group. Most of us are currently in work, but we know that the benefit system is in the interest of the working class as a whole. We campaign against the false division, encouraged by the government and the rightwing media, between ‘claimants’ and ‘hard working’ people. This division only serves to weaken both, in the interests of the bosses and the wealthiest. Only the rich, like the millionaires in the government coalition, will thrive in the regime of harsh cuts that are coming for everybody.

Find out how you can support our campaign, take part in our initiatives and days of action, and contribute to the creation of a network of workers, disabled people, parents and unemployed, ready to link hands and defeat this government and its obnoxious Budget – before it’s too late.

About Brighton Benefits Campaign

Fighting the assault on welfare since 2010
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1 Response to Brighton Benefits Campaign Public Meeting

  1. Janine Morton says:

    Could outcomes from this meeting be circulated please – to enable those who may not be able to attend to continue to participate in the campaign’s activities in any way they can?
    I would very much like to attend but if it is not possible (due to health reasons for both my partner and myself), I very much hope to participate in the future.
    I am currently preparing for my appeal against ATOS/DWP. Your campaign, and the detailed information on the site, is invaluable. Thank you for all that you are doing.

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