Week of Action Against Workfare: Picket of Avanta

September 23, 2014



As part of the week of action called by Boycott Workfare,  we will be paying a return visit to a major private provider paid millions in public money to administer the disgraced Work Programme.

Join us in picketing Avanta, poverty pimp and bully of unemployed and disabled people; sending them out as unpaid labour, forcing them into unsuitable work, and referring them for sanctions.

On our previous visit, Avanta managers locked the doors, pretended they were closed, and even refused to let people in who had appointments! Film of that picket can be seen here thanks to Lee Salter.


Brighton Day of Action Against Sanctions & Benefit Cuts

September 11, 2014

Friday 12th September
Meet in the forecourt of Brighton Station 11am


We will be paying a visit to a private provider making millions in public money,while referring unemployed and disabled people for sanctions.


Benefit cuts mean hunger, debt and fear, and have led to a string of deaths and suicides. People lose benefits for the most trivial reasons. Last year the numbers soared to over a million, with a 580% rise in sanctions imposed on disabled people. The result has been a massive increase in destitution and referrals to food banks.

Jobcentre staff are bullied to impose sanctions. Research by the PCS union in the DWP revealed that 82% of members felt  pressured into sanctioning claimants, and 62% said they had made ’inappropriate’ sanctions decisions.

Benefits are not a ’lifestyle choice’. Most of those making up the army of unemployed are between short-term jobs, or disabled, lone parents, and increasing numbers of older people forced onto the dole queue by cuts to social security rights. Yet they are being bullied and threatened with sanctions. Why?

Faced with a choice between work or starvation, people will grasp at any job, however bad the pay and conditions, however  demeaning or dangerous. They can even be forced to work for nothing or lose their benefits. Bad news for the workers whose employment rights are undercut, but a massive state handout for the bosses.

At the same time the private providers of the disgraced Work Programme such as Avanta, and their hundreds of sub-contractors, are taking millions in public money. They are about to get another bite of the cherry as a new scheme is rolled out imposing 13 weeks of ‘9-5 jobsearch’ on the unemployed.

The truth is sanctions, workfare and privatisation don’t create jobs, they destroy them!



Solidarity With the Public Sector Strikers!

July 9, 2014

Tomorrow June 10th will see up to 2 million workers in public services take strike action. Brighton Benefits Campaign will be supporting PCS pickets at Brighton Jobcentre.

Austerity is a scam – an excuse for the wealthy to make massive profits out of privatising public services, while the rest of us endure cuts and see our rights to employment, education, housing, health care, justice and social security come under sustained attack.   Our millionaire governments are reorganising society in the interests of themselves and their rich friends, while feeding us with propaganda designed to make us blame each other.

In work or not, on benefits or not, public or private sector, we are all fighting back against one massive assault on ordinary people.  Solidarity with the public sector strikers!

What you can do on 10th July:

Join the Pickets!

GMB on the beach by the big wheel from 4:30am

GMB at the Hollingdean Depot from 5am

PCS on Edward Street (Job Centre and Courts) + from 6am

PCS Hove Job Centre from 7am

PCS Tax Office Upper North Street from 7am

UNISON Brighton Town Hall, Hove Town Hall, Kings House from 7am

NUT BHASVIC from 9am

FBU Hove and Preston Circus Fire Stations 10am – 7pm


Join the Demonstrations!

Meet 10am at

Hollingdean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road


Hove Town Hall, Norton Road

For feeder marches alongside 1000s of Public Sector workers and supporters


Strike Rally!

12 noon at The Level, Union Road


Demonstrating against austerity, cuts and privatisation

June 19, 2014

Friday 20th June

Meeting to organise around July 10th Public Sector strike

A meeting to bring together workers in the public and private sector who work in central Brighton,, to discuss the best support for the strike action.

The aim is to raise awareness and support for the dispute among other workers in the central Brighton area.

12.45 – 1.30pm Friends Meeting House Ship Street Brighton

*     *     *     *     *


No More Austerity demo poster

No More Austerity demo poster

Join us on the train – meet Brighton Station 11am

*   *   *   *   *

NHS fat cats

*   *   *   *   *

Save Our Schools demo


Yet Another Pub & Picket! Saturday 17th May

May 12, 2014


We are keeping up our pressure on the Grosvenor G Casino in Brighton to end their exploitation of unemployed people.


Next Pub & Picket! is on Saturday 17th May.

We’ll be meeting in the Old Ship Hotel bar at 9pm

then starting the picket about 10.30pm





Events coming up – Atos Demo 2, Grosvenor G Casino pickets, Week of Action

March 25, 2014

Plenty of action coming up!

On Tuesday 1st April there will be another ATOS DEMO.
From the people who brought you the very successful national demo at Atos testing centres, this one takes place outside your local Jobcentre!  The demo will focus on DWP policies, the WCA process, sanctions imposed upon disabled claimants and their predictable outcome.  Policies which will affect us all – one way or another. Those, both in and out of work, will see the consequences of a system implemented by Labour and continued by the ConDem coalition.
11am Brighton Jobcentre Edward Street

Grosvenor G Casinos - workfare exploiters and corporate parasites – are holding a ‘work experience’ open day this Friday 28th March.
Join us in telling them that cutting their labour costs by taking on unemployed people to do job for nothing is not work experience but slavery experience.
10.30am Grosvenor G Casino (opposite Brighton Pier)

And on Saturday 5th April we will be holding another of our very popular Pub & Picket nights.
Meet up at the Old Ship Hotel bar at 9pm and then take part in a late picket of Grosvenor G next door.


This will be part of the Week of Action called by Boycott Workfare.
More info at http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=3353

Don’t forget the NUT teachers’ strike tomorrow – see you on the rally!




Late night picket of workfare exploiters Grosvenor G Casino

March 2, 2014

Grosvenor G picket 1

An excellent late-night picket was held outside Grosvenor G Casino Brighton last night.  Fifteen people – including members of Brighton Benefits Campaign, Brighton SolFed, Marea Granate, Brighton Hove Left Unity and other activists – took part in opposing Grosvenor G’s exploitation of workfare.

Grosveno G picket 2

Many of the Saturday night crowd took leaflets, and there was a surprising amount of interest with much support, as well as lively debate in some cases.  No trouble apart from a show-off who punched the SolFed banner…

Grosvenor G picket 3

In many cases those who think workfare is a good idea haven’t realised the truths
– we are all paying through our taxes so that companies like Grosvenor G can make more profit
– taking on free labour leads to paid workers losing hours and enhancements, and sometimes even their jobs.

Judging by the numbers coming out of the casino last night, Grosvenor G Casinos are doing pretty well.  They certainly don’t need state handouts in the form of free workfare slaves or in-work benefits to top up their low wages.

Grosvenor G picket 4

This is an ongoing campaign and we will be organising another picket shortly.  Next time we hope it will be a National Day of Action – there are 55 casinos owned by Grosvenor G accross the UK so it’s not hard to find one nearby!


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