Events coming up – Atos Demo 2, Grosvenor G Casino pickets, Week of Action

March 25, 2014

Plenty of action coming up!

On Tuesday 1st April there will be another ATOS DEMO.
From the people who brought you the very successful national demo at Atos testing centres, this one takes place outside your local Jobcentre!  The demo will focus on DWP policies, the WCA process, sanctions imposed upon disabled claimants and their predictable outcome.  Policies which will affect us all – one way or another. Those, both in and out of work, will see the consequences of a system implemented by Labour and continued by the ConDem coalition.
11am Brighton Jobcentre Edward Street

Grosvenor G Casinos - workfare exploiters and corporate parasites – are holding a ‘work experience’ open day this Friday 28th March.
Join us in telling them that cutting their labour costs by taking on unemployed people to do job for nothing is not work experience but slavery experience.
10.30am Grosvenor G Casino (opposite Brighton Pier)

And on Saturday 5th April we will be holding another of our very popular Pub & Picket nights.
Meet up at the Old Ship Hotel bar at 9pm and then take part in a late picket of Grosvenor G next door.


This will be part of the Week of Action called by Boycott Workfare.
More info at http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=3353

Don’t forget the NUT teachers’ strike tomorrow – see you on the rally!




Late night picket of workfare exploiters Grosvenor G Casino

March 2, 2014

Grosvenor G picket 1

An excellent late-night picket was held outside Grosvenor G Casino Brighton last night.  Fifteen people – including members of Brighton Benefits Campaign, Brighton SolFed, Marea Granate, Brighton Hove Left Unity and other activists – took part in opposing Grosvenor G’s exploitation of workfare.

Grosveno G picket 2

Many of the Saturday night crowd took leaflets, and there was a surprising amount of interest with much support, as well as lively debate in some cases.  No trouble apart from a show-off who punched the SolFed banner…

Grosvenor G picket 3

In many cases those who think workfare is a good idea haven’t realised the truths
- we are all paying through our taxes so that companies like Grosvenor G can make more profit
- taking on free labour leads to paid workers losing hours and enhancements, and sometimes even their jobs.

Judging by the numbers coming out of the casino last night, Grosvenor G Casinos are doing pretty well.  They certainly don’t need state handouts in the form of free workfare slaves or in-work benefits to top up their low wages.

Grosvenor G picket 4

This is an ongoing campaign and we will be organising another picket shortly.  Next time we hope it will be a National Day of Action – there are 55 casinos owned by Grosvenor G accross the UK so it’s not hard to find one nearby!


Pub and Picket with BBC on March 1st!

February 15, 2014

Grosvenor G picket

Following a successful evening picket in January, Brighton Benefits Campaign invites all friends, comrades and supporters to meet up with us for a late-night visit to cynical workfare exploiters Grosvenor G Casino.   On Saturday 1st March we will be in the King & Queen from 9pm, setting off to the picket at around 11pm.


Not content with making millions from punters, Grosvenor G Casinos in Brighton are exploiting the unemployed to cut their wages bill, forcing them to work until the early hours and even taking any tips they earn!

Following their acquisition of a further 19 gaming houses last year, Grosvenor Casinos now run 55 casinos across the country, making them by far the largest casino operator in the UK. They can also boast that, despite the ‘challenging’ economic climate, they succeded in increasing their operating profits by 19% to £47 million last year.

But the success of Grosvenor Casinos, like much of the hospitality and leisure industry (which is so important to the Brighton economy) is based on low pay and hand outs from tax payers.

Grosvenor Casinos pay out over £103 million in wages and national insurance contributions (a sum which of course includes the multi-million pound salaries of its directors and senior managers), and they employ nearly 11000 workers. Thus many of their workers earn on average substantially less than £9,000 a year – despite many having to work anti-social hours.

In order to survive most of Grosvenor Casinos’ employees will therefore have to either find a second job or claim several thousand pounds in the form of in-work benefits such as tax credits and housing benefits. As a result most if not all of Grosvenor Casinos £47 million profits is paid by the taxpayer!

Not content with this, Grosvenor Casinos is now getting involved in the Government’s workfare schemes. Under the threat of losing their right to benefits for up to three years, workfare requires the unemployed to work for their benefits.

Employers like Grosvenor Casinos thereby obtain free labour paid for by the tax payer. Their paid workers face having their hours cut or they may even be sacked and replaced by those on workfare. It’s easy to see why Grosvenor G are so keen to get involved. Their wage costs can be cut and profits increased. All paid for by us.

In their recruitment advertisments Grosvenor Casinos are reluctant to state their pay rates – they just claim that they offer ‘competitive rates of pay’. The truth is that it’s their workers who are being forced to compete – against people obliged to work for what is effectively less than two pounds an hour.

However it is possible to change this situation. Taking action against companies and organisations exploiting workfare DOES have an effect. Pickets cut their profits and publicity damages their public image. Many have withdrawn from the schemes.

Join us in telling Grosvenor G Casinos to be one of them.

Grosvenor G picket2


The Other BBC News of the Year 2013

January 1, 2014



Brighton Benefits Campaign was founded four years ago this February.
We’re still fighting – join us!


Upcoming events in the New Year

December 28, 2013

Season’s greetings to all our supporters & friends.

2014 will see us renew our campaign for our rights -  social security, employment, housing, education, healthcare & justice – which are under comprehensive assault by government and the class they represent.   Whether you’re in paid work or not, on benefits or not, join us in the fight!

The first action will be a candlelit picket against workfare outside exploiters Grosvenor G Casino on Tuesday 14 January – meet at Brighton Pier entrance 7pm.

We also have two events coming up to raise money for the campaign – hope to see you there!

BBC sale poster

BBC sale poster

BBC Fundraising Roast flyer

BBC Fundraising Roast flyer


Organising Against Zero Hours & Workfare – MEETING TONIGHT!

October 30, 2013

Following the successful public meeting last week, anyone interested in fighting back against the attacks on our employment rights & benefits is invited to join us at a follow up meeting.




Zero Hours & Workfare: Our Employment Rights Under Attack!

October 6, 2013

zero hours meeting poster

Zero hours contracts are increasingly replacing formal contracts which specify hours of employment. Under zero hours employers have no responsibility to provide any work at all, so their workers are placed in a very precarious financial position.  They can be called in to work or left without pay, or even have their hours cut as a way of disciplining them.  Zero hours contracts make it much easier to sack workers and to deprive them of employment rights.

In addition, many private companies and ’charities’ are already making vast profits from the unpaid labour of thousands forced to work for their benefits (workfare) and this is set to increase.  Far from cutting the number of unemployed, such corporate welfare is undermining secure paid employment, reducing pay and conditions, endangering health and safety, and stopping workers organising for their own protection

When Universal Credit is introduced many low paid and part time workers currently on in-work benefits such as tax credits will find themselves expected to work extra hours to reach  certain income levels.  With an army of desperate people  looking for any work they can get, pay and conditions will drop further. Real jobs will become even more scarce and many will find themselves forced into workfare.

Taken together with the continuing restraints imposed on trade unions, the growth in zero hours and the introduction of benefit conditionality represent a massive attack on our employment rights.

To fight these attacks will take solidarity between the employed and unemployed, the waged and the unwaged, students and their staff, those with a contract and those without, and it will need the full support of our trade unions.

This is an attack on all of us!
If we fight it together we can win!

Zero Hours meeting flyer 4


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